‚ÄčRefraction Accomplished


Course Content

Our one-day intensive refraction course is aimed at doctors with some prior knowledge of how to carry out a refraction and of what is expected during the exam. The course will normally be held a week or two prior to the exam to provide a last minute chance to cover any aspects that have not been addressed in clinical practice, to provide an opportunity to ask any questions to experienced practitioners and most importantly to be able to practice, practice, practice! Once registered for the course we are happy to provide on-going email support right up until the day of the exam. The course covers the key aspects of the Refraction Certificate Exam and includes lunch and a detailed handout. We will provide all equipment needed on the day, paper to write notes and pens so you don't have to bring anything with you. Attending the course will also earn you 6 CPD points.

Topics Covered within tutorials or practical sessions:

  • Cycloplegic retinoscopy
  • Non-cycloplegic retinoscopy
  • Subjective refraction - sphere, cylinder, binocular balance and near addition
  • Lens neutralistaion
  • Visual Acuity testing
  • Trial frame fitting